To accompany your wine we serve high quality food platters between 4pm and 11pm

Luxembourgish platter – luxembourgish cold cuts: country style terrine, traditional luxembourgish ‘cooked cheese’ (Kachkéis), cooked ham, pâté riesling, meat salad etc.  18€

Italian platter – parma ham, salsiccia, polenta, italian cheese, grilled vegetables, mozzarella etc.    18€

Spanish platter – spanish cold cuts all from the Iberian pig: pata negra, chorizo, lomo and manchego cheese 20€

Pata Negra platter – 100g of the best Pata Negra directly from Spain (Pata Negra de Bellota )  24€

Vegetarian platter – burrata in pesto, polenta, grilled vegetables, olives etc  20€

Cheese platter - a selection of ripened cheeses  18 €

Japanese platter – maki, sushi, gyoza and seaweed salad  25€